1107: IOL exchange of very unusual IOLs

Master surgeon Dr. Val Apostolov from Amsterdams shares with us some unusual cases. These are both IOL exchange surgeries for patients with dislocated IOLs. The difference is that these are very unusual IOLs which have not been used for decades. The first surgery is explanting a Binkhorst IOL and the second is a Rota Disc IOL that is simply massive in size. Both of these unusual designs have long since been retired so you are thinking to yourself, “Why do I need to watch this video because I will never encounter these IOLs in my practice?” I appreciate that feeling, but there is a bigger picture that may elude you: you can never perfectly predict what you will encounter during surgery, so you must use surgical judgment and problem solving to come up with a game plan. When the surgeon realizes that the Binkhorst IOL is made of PMMA (poly methyl methacrylate) which cannot be cut or folded, the incision must then be opened wider. Difficult and unusual case highlight your ability to think on your feet and exercise good surgical judgment.

You will really benefit from learning about these unusual IOL exchange cases:


  1. The binkhorstb iol was very popular during my residency 1974 to 1977. The 2 loop lens often became dislocated and the corneal surgeons were kept busy as many patients got

    Got corneal edema. Times have certainly improved!

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