1087: how to perfect your case

In this complete cataract case, we are going to slow it down a bit and show you the subtleties that will help you perfect your case. We have already discussed the concept of the surgical signature — primarily the incision and the capsulorhexis (but also the IOL alignment and centration) which will be visible to any future ophthalmologist even decades in the future. The inflammation and the corneal edema will resolve and disappear, but the capsulorhexis and incision are forever.

It is so important to take pride in your work and to give every surgery your best effort. The goal should be to become better from every surgery you do. At the start of your surgical learning curve, if you can become 1% better every week, with compounding that is about 68% better after 1 year and 181% improved after 2 years.

For the capsulorhexis, we have talked about using forceps which have marks that are 2.5mm and 5mm from the tip. While there are forceps like this which carry my name, you can just as easily make your own. Use a steel keratome (which you will then throw away) and engrave these two marks in the tips of your own forceps. Let me assure you that you do not need to buy the Devgan capsulorhexis forceps. A good surgeon can work with just about any tools.

click to watch this full length cataract surgery case (7 min) and learn these subtleties: