1067: Phaco and iStent Glaucoma device

Cataract surgery alone tends to lower intra-ocular pressure by as much as 25%, which is particularly helpful for patients with glaucoma. The combination of cataract surgery with a MIGS procedure (minimally invasive glaucoma surgery) can lower the pressure even more and can help reduce the burden of chronically using topical glaucoma medications.

This video shows a combination phaco surgery with implantation of the iStent glaucoma device in the angle. Guest surgeon Dr Valentin Bachet from France also shows how he adjusts the microscope to accommodate the view through the gonio prism. I was fortunate to first implant the iStent device during a charity surgery mission trip to the island nation of Tonga in 2009. These MIGS procedures and devices are well within the skillset of all cataract surgeons.

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