1056: Let’s talk about my OR cases

Recently, on my usual Beverly Hills cataract surgery day, I had a line-up of a bunch of interesting cases and I saved an IOL sticker from each one to talk about the refractive outcome and planning. This video is me talking about those first 7 cases (patient number 8 didn’t show up, so I had a little downtime before case 9 began). I think you will find the variety of cases interesting and it also shows that there is no such thing as a day of “routine cases” — every case is different and every patient is special. We need to deliver the best outcome tailored to every specific patient and each eye.

click to learn from my first few surgical cases of the day:


  1. I enjoyed your summary of your days cases. I was curious as to how you decide whether to recommend the Panoptix lens vs the Vivity lens

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