Punctured Posterior Capsule Rescue

There are two types of ophthalmologists who do not ever have surgical complications: those who do not operate and those who are not fully truthful. Every surgeon, yes every single surgeon, will encounter surgical complications from time to time. The differentiating factor is the ability to recover from the complication, rescue the case, and still produce a great outcome.

Our guest surgeon is a true master of cataract surgery, Dr Pradip Mohanta from West Bengal, India. During phacoemulsification of the last nuclear piece, the phaco tip touches the posterior capsule for a fraction of a second and a hole develops and vitreous prolapses. Dr Mohanta shows us how to rescue this case and produce a beautiful surgical outcome with great vision for the patient.

Click below to learn these important techniques – one day you will need them!


  1. Professor Uday Devgan, just want to thank you for all your sharing experience, I have learned so much from your teachings, with these videos, not to be negative, but even from my residence program in Guatemala, I felt that I was never given all the info you kindly share, don’t know why, selfishness?? Have a marry Christmas, and again thank you !!

    1. thank you — I am glad that you are enjoying CataractCoach.com
      On this site, I am teaching the world all of the tips, tricks, pearls, and techniques that I have learned as I mastered cataract surgery over the past 20+ years!

  2. Hello Sir,
    I have seen many of the videos of cataractcoach.com. Your teaching is awesome. I wanted you to include pediatric lensectomies with anterior vitrectomies stepwise and especially settings for anterior vitrectomies .

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