Benchmark: Skills after 1000 surgeries

Our guest surgeon today is Érico Jun Oda MD from Brazil and he is showing us a routine cataract case. His technique is a great example of phaco chop and he has carefully honed every aspect of his surgery, from the incision to the capsulorhexis and more. This is about case number 1,000 for him and it is a good benchmark of where your skills should be at this level.

We have previously shown a benchmark case of a resident’s 150th cataract surgery. This is a talented young surgeon and if you can achieve this level by case 250 or 300, then you are on track. The video below from Dr Érico Jun Oda is what you want to achieve by case 1000. Remember that we are all on a track of constant improvement, even if we have done 20,000 cataract surgeries.

Note there is a little bit of editing during the downtimes of the surgery (while changing from the phaco probe to the I/A probe, while loading the IOL, etc). This is a beautiful surgery and we want to congratulate this doctor on his great technique.

Click below to see this complete case and see how your skills compare: