Pars Plana Injection of BSS

Our guest surgeon, Dr Mohammad Abusamak from Jordan, is performing cataract surgery on this monocular patient who has a high degree of myopia. The anterior chamber is excessively deep and to assist, Dr Abusamak injects balanced salt solution (BSS) into the anterior vitreous via the pars plana. This extra volume helps to push the cataract anteriorly into its normal position. The case proceeds beautifully and the patient recovers excellent vision.

Our guest surgeon has also completed vitreo-retinal surgery training in the USA and he ensured that there were no entry site breaks after the pars plana injection. This technique is unusual and I have not felt the need to personally use it in my 20+ years of experience, but one day in the future this may come in handy.

Click below to watch the video and learn this technique:

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