complete case: phaco chop in myope

Complete Cataract Cases are videos where we show the entire surgery, from the first incision (usually the paracentesis in my technique) to the very end of the case. There is an advantage to watching the entire surgery because there are subtleties that are easier to see and we can also learn the flow of the procedure. This case shows phaco chop in the capsular bag for a patient who is moderately myopic. This is a larger eye with a 13 mm corneal diameter and an elongated axial length. We use our forceps to carefully measure the appropriate capsulorhexis size, because the IOL will still have just a 6 mm diameter optic. The case is efficient at just under 5 minutes, start to finish, but the true beauty is the flow of the surgery, not the speed.

click below to learn from this complete case:

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