Playlist: a new feature for learning

With so many videos on CataractCoach, it becomes challenging to navigate through all of them. This new feature is creation of Playlists of suggested videos which fit a theme for learning. The website still has the organization of categories as well as a great search engine (found on the bottom of every page).

Playlists are often used for a series of interesting videos or favorite songs in a genre of music. Our playlist feature aims to give ophthalmologists a good review of specific topics in cataract surgery.

This first playlist is: Blocks, Rx, and OVD and we will review the techniques of anesthetic blocks, medications used in ocular surgery, and then the basics of viscoelastics (also called OVDs: ophthalmic visco-surgical devices).

Each of the links below will show the full webpage with description, pics, and a surgical video.


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