Complete Cataract Case: Routine Surgery

While it is fun to watch a video of a cataract surgery that involves complicated maneuvers and difficult challenges, this is not what we usually see in our clinics. More than 90% of our patients are routine cataract surgery and that is a good thing, If I am the patient, I want my surgery to be routine and very much average — I do not want to be that very unusual case!

I often say that I specialize in routine cataract surgery because I have done so many thousands of them. I take particular pride in really perfecting the techniques and making the surgery as beautiful as possible. This is a pleasure for me and even now, after doing cataract surgery for more than 20 years, I still enjoy every single day that I am in the operating room (operating theater outside the USA).

This is a complete cataract case, from start to finish, of a very routine cataract surgery in my private clinic. Every step has been optimized and the patient had a beautiful outcome and I enjoyed the experience as well. I want you to perform just as well and to take pride in your surgeries too!

Click below to learn from this complete cataract case:

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