Complete Cataract Case: No pupil ring!

Another video in our series of complete cataract cases, where the entire surgery from start to finish is presented. There is a benefit of watching the entire case to learn the subtleties that make all of the difference in the final outcome (don’t worry, it won’t take too long to watch since the entire case is just 7 and 1/2 minutes). This patient has a long-standing use of tamsulosin (Flomax) and we know that makes him likely to have IFIS (intra-operative floppy iris syndrome, as coined by David Chang MD many years ago). For some of these cases, it can be helpful to use alternate techniques such as a supracapsular approach, a pupil expansion ring, or even iris hooks. However, we can also perform our routine phaco chop (within the capsular bag) and complete the case with just a few additional surgical techniques. These valuable clinical pearls can allow you to complete this surgery successfully.

Click below to learn how to complete this surgery without a pupil ring:

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