Cataract Quiz: Trapped Air Bubble

We have a great learning case from Dr. Xiaogang Wang from Taiyuan, China with a surgical challenge. This patient has a traumatic white cataract and a history of damage to intra-ocular structures including angle recession and zonular weakness/loss. The challenge happens when the technician does not prime the I/A hand-piece and a large air bubble is introduced into the anterior chamber. The continued infusion pressure causes this large air bubble to go through an area of zonular weakness and into the vitreous cavity. Now it is trapped. What is your next move?

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  1. I experienced this a few times in eyes with prior PPV or compromised zonules. I simply equilibrate the two chambers by leaving intracameral air as I often do in my goniotomy cases compromised by angle bleeding. The air is gone in 48*

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