compilation video: IOL exchange

Every cataract surgeon needs to learn how to perform an IOL exchange because, although it is rare, we sometimes need to swap out the lens implant. This can be due issues such as damaged IOLs, weakened capsular support, dislocation of the IOL, or simply to address a significant refractive issue.

This is a compilation video and many of the clips are shown at high speed in order to give the largest amount of teaching in the allotted 10 minute time. This is exactly the type of presentation that I give across the world during large ophthalmology congress meetings. And now we can share them via streaming so that you can learn from anywhere at anytime. If you find a video segment here that interests you, be sure to go to and search for the specific videos and watch them in realtime.

click below to learn from this compilation video about IOL exchange:


  1. Hi, great video. What could you use instead of the spatula that is on a standard cataract tray? Would a drysdale provide enough traction?

    1. my apologies: a straight tying forceps, ideally round handle, I also found in a catalog a utility forceps with crisscrossed platform provided that is thin enough

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