compilation video: suture-fixated IOLs

This video features all sorts of suture-fixation techniques for securing IOLs in cases where there is limited or no capsular support. In this 10 minute video, we cover scleral suture fixation using buried gore-tex, securing an IOL to the iris, and even using the flange technique with suture material to make innovative support structures. Most of the video clips are shown at high speed so that we can cover more material. If you find a technique that you would like to explore more, use the search function here at to look for the full video, played in real-time.

click below to learn from this compilation video of sutured IOLs:


  1. what suture and needle was used to perforate the one piece IOL that Dr. Mahler performed?? worth having it around and available.

    1. Any needle will work. The hydrophobic acrylic IOL is soft and it is easy to penetrate with any suture needle

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