compilation video: dense cataracts

This compilation video features the best of many prior videos regarding dense cataract techniques. The video has many clips which are shown at high speed in order to cover more material in the 10 minute timeframe. This is the same presentation that I would give at a large ophthalmology congress and now you can watch it now on your mobile device, at your leisure. Streaming on demand has taken over for television and movies, and it is now revolutionizing medical education.

Every cataract surgeon will encounter dense cataracts in his or her career and it is critical that these techniques are mastered so that we can help these patients. If you see a video clip of a technique that you would like to explore more, feel free to use the search box here on CataractCoach to watch those videos in more detail and in realtime.

click below to learn from this review of dense cataract techniques:


  1. Thank you Dr.Devgan for your fantastic teaching using this medium.You have brought positive outcomes to thousands of unaware patients through the improvement of their doctors.

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