Glaucoma Drainage Implant Technique

I have learned so much from the video submissions that we receive at CataractCoach. It makes me wonder how I learned in the era prior to video sharing on the internet! Case in point: this outstanding glaucoma case from Dr. Val Apostolov from Amsterdam, a frequent contributor to our site and a true expert surgeon.

This is a patient who is receiving a glaucoma drainage device, with a temporary suture placed in the lumen to occlude it during the initial healing period. This helps to prevent hypotony and collapse of the anterior chamber as the tissues are healing around the footplate. This suture is then removed at the slit-lamp a few weeks after the surgery — a video of that is also included here. There are other innovative techniques used, such as making a two-part scleral tunnel to hold the drainage tube and the use of mitomycin-C in the pocket that holds the footplate.

Click below to learn these expert techniques for glaucoma drainage implants:

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