Compilation video: Corneal Phaco Incisions

We are starting a new feature here on CataractCoach: the compilation video, where we combine the best of many prior videos into a review. This video focuses on corneal phaco incisions and it covers most of the critical points that you must know. Many of the clips shown are sped up so that the maximum amount of learning can be accomplished in the given time. My voice-over and commentary are all new and additional teaching points are made.

These compilation videos are exactly the type of presentation / talk that I would give in person at a large ophthalmology congress. The beauty of this video is that you can stream it anytime, right from your phone, tablet, or computer. In the future, we will feature more of these compilation videos and then also put together playlists of suggested videos.

click below to watch the compilation video about corneal phaco incisions:


  1. Hello Dr Devgan ,i have done around 100 phakoemulsifications and i have been taught the tri planar incision with:
    – first plan parallel to iris and then,
    – the blade goes downward towards the cataract before reaching out the corneal endo
    – and going parallel to the iris and thus reaching the AC. Am i in the wrong ?because it seems that the second plan, according to your video, we must go upward towards the corneal apex.

    Kind regards

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