Review: Yellow versus Clear Optics

There has been much debate about the light transmission properties of various IOL optic designs. While most IOLs have a built-in UV blocker, only some IOLs provide a degree of visible light filtering. And even manufacturers who make the yellow-tinted IOLs offer them without a light filter. So which is better and is there a significant difference?

This is one of the best review papers about the IOLs which are designed to absorb short wavelength light. The paragraph highlighted in green is the summary paragraph.
We can compare the absorption characteristics of IOLs with human crystalline lenses to see the differences in light transmission. Both IOL options are significantly better than the 70 year old human lens.

Click below to learn the differences between these IOL optic filters:

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  1. what about mixing one clear and one yellow? I have a situation where I put in a yellow tinted lens in one eye and the now the Pt wants an EDOF in the other eye that only comes in clear. I’ve read that 4/5 people don’t mind. Any personal experience with this?

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