Capsulorhexis Pearls

By watching many surgeons, we can learn different ways of performing the same procedure. In this case, Dr Luis Escaf from Barranquilla, Colombia shows us a few pearls for increasing accuracy and efficiency in capsulorhexis creation. He uses a corneal ring marker to make an indentation in the epithelium to serve as a guide for creating his ideal capsulorhexis. Then he uses the keratome to incise the anterior lens capsule and turn a flap, all with the same motion as making his initial phaco incision. Learn as many different techniques as you can, from multiple different surgeons, and then incorporate them into your skill set, mix them to create a new combination, and then evolve them to devise your own method. That’s the beauty of — you can learn from so many different surgeons from around the world, streaming on demand, without ever leaving home.

click below to learn these capsulorhexis pearls from Dr Escaf:

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