Bare Sclera Pterygium Surgery

There are many ways to do the same surgery and the best option is for us to learn about all of them, try them in our own clinics, and then decide which ones we prefer. I really enjoyed watching this video of Prof. Hosam Elfallal from Mansoura University in Egypt. He has an innovative technique for the surgical treatment of pterygia without the need for a conjunctival graft or amniotic tissue. His technique involves dissecting the tenon layer more than the conjunctiva so that there is a tenon-free zone of about 2 mm. Once the conjunctiva seals down onto the sclera, the tenon layer is sequestered and locked in place. This helps to prevent recurrence of the pterygium. The rest of the sclera becomes covered in epithelial cells as the eye heals during the post-op period. The results look great.

Click below to learn about this tenon-free zone technique of pterygium surgery:

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  1. was any suture used in tying the conjunctiva ? we dont see any . don’t you feel that it may lead to tenon granuloma in later period at least in few cases

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