Draining a choroidal hemorrhage

We recently featured a video of a sudden choroidal hemorrhage which happened during implantation of an IOL. This is a rare but potentially devastating complication which tends to happen when the intra-ocular pressure is very low such as during a penetrating keratoplasty, large incision manual cataract surgery, or glaucoma procedure. The first priority is to immediately close the eye and pressurize the anterior chamber, but it is not easy to accomplish this when the hemorrhage happens within a second or two.

Our guest surgeon is Dr. Ramesh Ayyala, the chairman of the USF Eye Institute in Tampa, Florida, who is an internationally known expert in complex cases, particularly with glaucoma. In the video shown here, Dr. Ayyala shows his technique for draining a choroidal hemorrhage and a choroidal effusion. The technique is effective and he has some very important pearls for us such as keeping the anterior chamber pressurized with balanced salt solution infusion throughout the procedure.

Click below to learn how to drain a choroidal hemorrhage and choroidal effusion:

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