Pediatric Posterior Capsulorhexis

Our guest surgeon is Ike K. Ahmed MD from the Prism Eye Institute in the greater Toronto area. He is a master of complicated anterior segment surgeries and today he shows us a technique for IOL fixation in a pediatric cataract case. Remember that the rate of posterior capsule opacification is very high in these pediatric cases with the residual lens epithelial cells migrating and proliferating rapidly. Performing a posterior capsulorhexis is helpful in these cases, but if we still place the IOL completely within the capsular bag, there can still be migration of these cells to the anterior hyaloid face. Dr Ike Ahmed has a technique to help prevent this: placing the haptics of the IOL within the capsular bag and then capturing the optic behind the posterior capsulorhexis. The IOL optic then acts as a barrier to prevent opacification in the visual axis.

Click below to learn from this important case from Dr Ike Ahmed:

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