Complete Cataract Case: a very special case

This is a complete cataract case, shown from the making of the first incision to the sealing of the incision. There is a benefit, especially for less experienced surgeons, to see an entire case from start to finish. This shows all of the little nuances that come together to make a great outcome. This patient is a special one for two reasons: (1) this is the family member of my dear friend, and (2) the patient has a thin cornea, mild retinitis pigmentosa, and a relatively dense nucleus. The phaco method used here is the chop technique which allows us to truly minimize the total ultrasonic energy used in the case. Also, our focus in this case is having complete control at every step. Remember to never pursue speed with surgery because, after all, if you are doing surgery on my eye, make it as perfect as possible even if it takes a few extra minutes. By having complete control over each step of the case, the results are excellent with a high degree of safety, and then efficiency comes naturally.

Click below to learn from this complete cataract case:

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