Expert level dense white cataract surgery

It is a pleasure to watch a true expert perform his craft and this is especially true for cataract surgery, which is our shared passion. Our guest surgeon is Dr. Soham Dave from Kaduna, Nigeria and he shows us an expert technique for a dense white cataract.

This video has some very important pearls for surgery on dense white cataracts. The keratome is used twice at the same position: first to make a small opening for the capsulorhexis and then again to enlarge this same incision for the phaco probe. The corneal endothelium is re-coated with dispersive viscoelastic after half of the nucleus has been removed. The chopping technique is very efficient even with a dense nucleus. My favorite part of this video is how the chopper is used to initially push the nucleus away from the phaco tip so that a deeper and stronger purchase of the nucleus can be achieved. This is brilliant and it works so well. We have even included a post-op day 1 photo which shows a quiet eye, a clear cornea, and 20/20 vision (6/6 vision).

Click below to learn from this true expert with dense white cataract surgery:

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