Show me a beautiful cataract surgery

Here on we have hundreds of teaching videos, and many of them are of very complex or complicated cases and the necessary surgical maneuvers that are needed to successfully complete them. However, in our clinics, the vast majority of patients have routine cataract cases without added complexities or complications. It is helpful for us, particularly for beginning surgeons, to see beautiful, yet routine, cataract surgery. The young surgeons need to set a goal of what can be achieved with hard work and dedication. This is that type of video: a routine cataract case that is controlled yet efficient and gives the patient a beautiful surgical result. Watch this video carefully and set a benchmark in your mind so that you know what your goal is and then set out to achieve it. I have faith in you and I know that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve this same high level of surgical excellence.

click below to watch a beautiful cataract surgery:

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