How to Enlarge a Small Capsulorhexis

Making a small capsulorhexis can make the cataract surgery more difficult. It becomes challenging to bring nuclear pieces out of the capsular bag, there is a higher risk of damage to the capsulorhexis margin, and there may be too much overlap of the IOL optic. There is a way to enlarge a small capsulorhexis after it is already completed.

We can use scissors or even a sharp needle or small blade to cut the edge of the capsulorhexis. Then, using forceps, we can tear a small strip of anterior capsule to enlarge the margin to the desired size.

Click below to learn this important technique to enlarge a small capsulorhexis:


  1. Dear Doctor, assuming that you are right handed, do you change hands for making the cut with the vannas?

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