Step-by-step: Malyugin Pupil Ring

To perform cataract surgery in an eye with a small pupil, it helps to expand the pupil to a more reasonable size. Sometimes we can do this with just pupil stretching, other times we want to use mechanical devices to hold the pupil open. These devices are usually iris hooks or pupil expansion rings, and one of the most commonly used rings is the Malyugin Ring. This video shows some simple pearls to facilitate implanting and then removing this pupil expansion ring during cataract surgery.

Click below to learn the technique of implanting and removing the Malyugin Ring:

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  1. Prof Devgan, i am having 2 problems
    1. I get lot of bubbles under cornea towards the end of nucleotomy what could be the cause and
    how to deal with that
    2. How do you recognize the posterior capsule presence or absence when in doubt ?

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