IOL delivery technique

While it seems relatively easy to insert the IOL with an injector system, there are subtleties in the technique which can make the procedure safer and easier. Of course, the IOL needs to be loaded into the lens injector in the proper manner to avoid damaging the optic or haptics. And we need to have an appropriately sized incision that allows the injector tip to fit inside or abut against the incision.

A two-handed approach allows fixation of the eye via the paracentesis as the IOL injector tip is placed in the incision. The eye is kept in primary position during the lens insertion process, with care taken to avoid pushing the eye away from the surgeon. The leading haptic and optic are placed within the capsular bag and then as the IOL is delivered, we are careful not to force the IOL into the capsular bag equator. Finally, the trailing haptic is also placed in the capsular bag and then the IOL positioning is verified.

Click below to see microscope and external views of IOL delivery:

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