Phaco Chop in patients over age 90

In previous videos we have explained the differences when operating on nonagenarian patients. These patients have weaker tissues such as a lower endothelial cell count and more laxity in the zonular support. Should we approach phaco chop differently in these eyes?

Click below to learn how to adjust your phaco chop technique in patients over age 90:


  1. Respected Dr.Uday …
    First and foremost…. excellent surgery… Learning so much thanks to all your videos on

    Two observations :

    The maximum amount of organisms are at the base of the cilia … And cutting the eye lashes during the surgery is actually a bad idea as it can cause maximum chances of staphylococcus infection , i feel

    Secondly , i would really appreciate if you could let me know the vacuum and afr settings you have immediately after the first chop to so easily emulsify one half of the nucleus





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