Complete Case: Dense PSC & Shallow AC

This is a complete case, shown from start to finish. For many of our CataractCoach viewers, particularly the surgeons with fewer than 10 years of experience, seeing a complete surgery from start to finish is helpful in understanding the nuances of the procedure. This patient has a very dense posterior sub-capsular cataract and a shallow anterior chamber. The axial length is short and a high-power IOL is calculated. The case is less than 8 minutes and it is definitely worth watching to glean the helpful teaching points.

click below to learn how to master this difficult cataract case:

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  1. Dear dr Devgan,

    Excellent video with nice comments of how to conquer an eye with short axial length.

    I do have some questions about an eye on which i will operate in the near future: lady 65 years of age. Recently had an acute glaucoma left eye. At this moment clear cornea with shallow anterior chamber. Axial length of 20.25mm and anterior chamber depth of 2.17 mm. What kind of approach would you advise? Would you give for instance a mannitol infuse before surgery?

    Kind regards,


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