The trick to bring cataract pieces to the phaco tip

This is one of my favorite tricks to teach residents: when there is a nuclear piece of cataract in the capsular bag, you do not need to chase after it. Instead, just twist the phaco probe in your fingertips so that the inflow fluidic currents in the eye change. This will then move the nuclear piece and the negative pressure of the vacuum will draw it right to the phaco tip. This method is not only much easier, it is also safer with less risk of posterior capsule compromise. Try it!

Click below to learn one of my favorite phaco tricks:


    1. Yes, just like that. Dr Braga-Mele is a dear friend and colleague — and neither of us invented this technique, which does not carry an eponymous descriptor. If I teach you some geometry, it does not mean that I’m claiming to be Pythagoras. And I see that your IP address is from Rogers internet provider in Canada. Very good.

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