Traumatic Cataract with Mydriasis: Part 2 Pupilloplasty

This patient suffered severe trauma as the result of an airbag injury from a car accident about one year ago. He presents to you with a history of chronic mydriasis, an irregular pupil, and a cataract with evidence of extensive zonular loss. This surgical teaching case is so good that we are splitting it into two parts to show here on

This is part 2 which is the pupilloplasty. Part 1 was the cataract surgery with capsular tension ring placement and sulcus IOL with optic capture. Note that this entire case was performed by a senior resident (from our ophthalmology residency training program at the Jules Stein Eye Institute at the UCLA School of Medicine). There was professor guidance throughout the case and everything turned out just great for the patient. This is a type of case that any cataract surgeon can learn to do. Keep in mind that these videos are edited to just a few minutes each but the actual total surgical time was more than one hour.

click below to learn this technique of pupilloplasty for traumatic mydriasis:

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