Post-LASIK IOL Power Estimation

In eyes with prior LASIK, many different methods of IOL power estimation have been described to get more accurate results from cataract surgery. These methods typically require old records and sophisticated testing such as corneal tomography, corneal topography, and more. But what if you are in a situation where none of this testing is available and therefore not done? Is there a way to estimate the adjustment needed for the IOL power based on just a little information?

Click below to learn a simple estimation that you will one day find very helpful:


  1. thank you very much for the simple method. I am working in a hospital in India where access to sophisticated testing is not available.

  2. Sir I follow you for years, thanks for your advice. How do you calc iol in a phakic iol presence. And also, how do you calc a posterior chamber phakic iol in the presence of anterior chamber phakic iol

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