Pre-Chopper Phaco Technique

There are many different ways to divide the nucleus during cataract surgery. Phaco of smaller nuclear fragments is easier and provides more control during the procedure. Among the more common nucleo-fractis techniques are variations of phaco chop, divide-and-conquer, and stop-and-chop. The variations of phaco chop include vertical chop, horizontal chop, combo chop, flip-and-chop, and more. A wire snare can also be used to divide the nucleus prior to phaco and this was described 10 years ago by Dr. Bhattacharya from India.

Today’s video is using the Pre-Chopper which was developed by Dr. Akahoshi from Japan and it is being performed by Dr. Jonathan Zelenak from Michigan, USA. The technique simplifies the nucleus division and makes the surgery efficient.

Click below to learn the phaco pre-chop technique from our guest surgeon: