Where did the hemi-nucleus go?

This video was submitted by Dr Ravi Prasad Challa from India and it showcases a very rare complication: a break at the capsular bag equator while the central posterior capsule stays intact. This break allows one hemi-nucleus to disappear and then, with careful manipulation, re-appear and present for phaco-aspiration.

For our surgeons in training, this is an important video to watch since this complication is quite rare, occurring in 1 in 1000 surgeries or less.  We appreciate the kind submission of this rare complication and we encourage our readers to also consider submitting video footage. Video submissions may also be submitted anonymously should the surgeon desire privacy.

Click below to learn from this rare complication of capsular bag equator rupture:


  1. Thanks for sharing this rare complication.

    Would not be 3 piece better option? As there can be late post operative capsular phimosis.

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