The Patient Experience at our Surgery Center

I made a video for patients as a step-by-step guide to the experience having cataract surgery at our surgery center in Beverly Hills, California. It shows what the patient goes through before, during, and after the procedure. While this video is for patients, it may prove useful or entertaining to our fellow ophthalmologists who read and wish to see how we operate.

click below to see the patient experience at our surgery center:


  1. Dr. Devgan,

    In this video, a few steps stand out. It appears that you position (tape the head) and drape (tape the eyelids) of each patient. Do you rely on the technician to do this if you are working in two rooms or do you perform these parts of the procedure on each case? Also, I see that you don’t use a wrist rest. I do find the wrist rest can get in the way on certain patients (it does create a nice pocket for fluid to pool though). Is this the reason for not using one? I like the idea of sunglasses at the end of the case. Are these provided by the surgery center? Do patients get a new pair of glasses for their second eye? Thanks for the video.

    1. Either the surgeon or an experienced tech can do the draping. I do not use a wrist rest because it’s not needed and instead I rest my fingers and hands on the patient’s face / head. My drapes have a built-in pocket to catch any fluid. I pay for the sunglasses. And yes new sunglasses each time the patient has surgery.

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