Quiz: What is this white material floating around?

Quiz time: What is this white material as seen in this aphakic eye? The 75 year old patient was noted to have a nuclear sclerotic cataract and 20/60 vision. Ten years prior his best-corrected vision was 20/30 in each eye.

The eye is otherwise normal and quiet. There is no inflammation. The white particles appear to move quite freely within the eye. What do you think this is?

Click below to watch the video and see the answer:


  1. We have many patients of Asteroid hyalosis, OCT & Perimetry are not reliable!
    Who require vitrectomy?

    1. it depends on the clinical situation. If the dense asteroid hyalosis is preventing you from treating retinal disease, then a vitrectomy may be beneficial. In an asymptomatic patient without retinal disease, it may be better to leave the eye as is.

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