Resident Case: Adherent Posterior Capsule Plaque

Sometimes we can have a plaque of cataract material that is adherent to the central posterior capsule. There are ways to address this intra-operatively, such as using the aspiration tip to gently rub the opacity. We can also try to peel up one edge and then use constant and gentle suction to hold the material while trying to strip it. We can also put the IOL into the capsular bag first and then go behind the IOL to attempt plaque removal. This way if there is a break in the posterior capsule, the IOL is already in a secure position. Finally, we can just wait a month or two and then perform a YAG laser capsulotomy. This video is submitted by a resident surgeon who has performed about 50 phaco surgeries so far. Excellent work.

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There is one other method, a posterior capsulorhexis, and we will show that video tomorrow.

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