Guest Surgeon teaches us Cataract Surgery Efficiency

We can always learn from fellow surgeons, particularly from those who are truly experts in the field. I recently met with Dr. André Berger from São Paulo, Brazil who is a well known anterior segment surgeon and author of an excellent book about cataract surgery. What I learned from him was the ultimate in phaco efficiency.

We have explained many times that speed is never the goal of cataract surgery. After all, if it is my eye upon which you are operating, please take as much time as you need to do a great job with fewer risks and a better outcome. I also would like you to be efficient with no wasted movements and a minimal amount of surgical trauma.

The video shown here is in real-time and it shows a complete cataract surgery from start to finish. It is very efficient and there are some great pearls that we can all learn from Dr. Berger’s technique. For the novice surgeons, keep in mind that this video shows a true master surgeon who has performed tens of thousands of surgeries. Everything is optimized here, particularly the phaco settings which are geared toward this technique. Learn from this case and set it as a future goal, but realize that it takes at least a decade of experience (or longer) to achieve this level.

click below to be amazed at the level of efficiency in this cataract surgery: