Malyugin Ring for Pupil Expansion in Cataract Surgery

A well-dilated pupil facilitates cataract surgery and if the patient has a small pupil there are multiple options for safely completing the case. We have reviewed the techniques of pupil stretching, using iris hooks, and even prolapsing the nucleus into the iris plane. We want to avoid struggling during cataract surgery because of a smaller pupil.

The Malyugin ring is a plastic device that is used to temporarily stretch and expand the pupil during cataract surgery. It is then removed at the end of the surgery to return the pupil to the normal state. Remember that the total amount of pupil stretching and iris trauma is about the same for pupil stretching, iris hooks, or pupil expansion rings. Seeing a little bleeding from the pupil margin is not unusual.

click below to learn useful tips for using the Malyugin ring in cataract surgery:

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  1. Do you recommend iris or capsule hooks or the Malyugin ring for pupil expansion during pseudoexfoliation cataract surgery. Which is safer and which is more effective.
    My first surgery over 8 years ago required inseetion of an anterior lens which was successful expect for a short bout of CME which was treated by a retinologist.
    I am a medical physician from New Jersey and saw two ophthalmologists each of whom recommended a different pupil expansion technique. Do you recommend any ophthalmologists experienced in this condition on the east coast.

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