Intumescent White Cataract with lots of Milk

This patient has an intumescent white cataract and there is a large volume of liquefied lens cortex. We have shown many videos of white cataracts here on CataractCoach and those are certainly worth reviewing. This case is unusual because of the sheer volume of milky white fluid that keeps being expressed from the capsular bag. We use the double capsulorhexis technique and we are successful in creating a round, intact capsulorhexis (and we are able to avoid the Argentinian Flag Sign), but it is not easy. The view is so obscured that even after injected more viscoelastic, there is still a lack of clarity in the view.

Click below to learn from this unusual case of a truly milky white cataract:


  1. Learned a great technique at ascrs. Before puncturing the capsule with an intumescent lens squeegee the peripheral lens milk towards the center with your viscoelastic cannula. That helps keep you from losing the Rexis as you take it out from the center

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