Guest Surgeon: Femto & Capsular Tension Segments

This is a tricky case: a traumatic cataract with extensive zonular loss and weakenss in a younger patient with high visual demands. And we have a talented guest surgeon to show us her technique in solving this tough case using a femto-second laser and sutured capsular tension segments: Dr. Nicole Fram from Los Angeles.

The femtosecond laser has been discussed previously and there are certainly cases, like this one, where it is a significant help. Despite having extreme zonular laxity, Dr. Fram is able to use the femtosecond laser to create a round capsulotomy as well as divide the nucleus into segments, all before making the first corneal incision.

This capsular bag receives a capsular tension ring as well as two capsular tension segments which have eyelets for suturing, in this case with Gore-Tex material. The IOL can then be placed within the capsular bag as usual. The patient had a great outcome due to Dr. Fram’s expertise and we are thankful that she shared this great case to benefit our learning.

Click below to learn from this truly challenging cataract case:

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