Pupil Ring placed in one movement, but there is a catch…

I wanted to try a new technique: placing all 4 scrolls of the Malyugin ring on the iris in one movement, using just the injector with one hand. If we could simplify the placement of the iris expansion device, then it would make the procedure less traumatic and more efficient.

It worked: all four scrolls were securely placed on the iris margin, but there was a catch. The hook from the injector inadvertently punctured the anterior lens capsule. Fortunately, this was within the central anterior capsule and once the capsulorhexis was made, this puncture site was fully removed. In this case, there were no adverse consequences, but will must remember:

When trying new techniques or devices, be cautious and prepared to deal with an unforeseen consequence.

This applies to any changes to your standard procedure such as trying different phaco fluid and power parameters or using new or unfamiliar instruments. The potential for an unforeseen complication should not deter you from advancing your surgical technique or using new technology. Ophthalmology is a continuously advancing field and the way that we operate today is not the same as it will be in the future.

It is important to try new technologies and novel techniques in order to advance your surgical skills and improve the visual outcomes for your patients.

click below to watch the video of all-at-once delivery of this pupil expander:

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