Radial Wrinkles mean aspiration of the capsule!

These radial wrinkles emanating from the port of the irrigation/aspiration probe are in the posterior capsule. This happens when we inadvertently aspirate the posterior capsule and it can increase the risk of capsular rupture and zonular damage. The critical maneuver when you see this sign is to release the suction (and possibly even reflux the flow) while avoiding moving the probe around in the eye. This video is edited to show just this technique, without having to watch the entire surgery.

Though the posterior capsule is quite thin (about 4 microns at its thinnest), it tends to be elastic and a light degree of suction should not damage it. All surgeons will encounter this scenario during the occasional cataract surgery. As long as the vacuum suction is immediately released and the probe is kept still in the eye, it should be of no consequence. Fortunately, the irrigation/aspiration probe has a soft, polymer tip. Note that if the capsule is inadvertently grabbed like this with the phaco probe, there is a much higher risk of rupture because of the sharp metal phaco tip.

Click below to learn this important technique:

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