Should you use 2 hands for the capsulorhexis?

The capsulorhexis is one of the most important and most challenging steps of cataract surgery. When you are performing the capsulorhexis should you use one hand? Or is it better to use two hands for extra stability during this maneuver?

Either option is fine and beginning surgeons often find that using two hands helps them to achieve steadiness and affords them more control in the eye. This is perfectly acceptable and the results are excellent. But what happens when the second hand is needed for another function at the same time? In the case shown here the left hand is used to fixate the eye for an inattentive patient under topical anesthesia. Then the right hand is used to create the capsulorhexis.

As you advance in your career and rack up more experience, you may find that a one-handed technique for capsulorhexis creation is beneficial. In fact, with practice, you should be able to do the capsulorhexis with either hand, left or right, and in either direction, clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Click below to see why a one-handed capsulorhexis is beneficial:


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