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celebrate 200 posts

Today we celebrate the 200th post on since we started just 6 months ago. We have kept up with our goal of a new article / video every single day. Readership has grown rapidly and we have a huge number of daily subscribers who get the entire post with the video via email. We also have a new look with a higher degree of organization on our site.

Today we ask the question: What is your ideal cataract case? Not your perfect case, because we are always aiming to be better and better, thus perfection is always being pursued.

But for today, what is an ideal case in terms of technique, efficiency, and safety?

Click below to see my video of an ideal surgical case:



  1. It’s really nice way of educating people other than u r residents who are very fortunate to be guided directly by u

  2. You are a great teacher. Whole ophthalmic world is thankful to you for your endeavours to teach cataract surgery specially for the residents. We want many more posts.

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