Why did this Phaco Chop fail to split the cataract?

Why did chop fail 130 title

In order to do a successful phaco chop, we need to make sure that the high vacuum level of the phaco probe is securely holding the nucleus. Then we can impale the chopper and divide the nucleus while it is securely fixated. If the phaco probe is not securely holding the nucleus, then the chopper has a tendency to push the cataract off the probe tip and the chop fails.

In the video shown here, the phaco probe is insufficiently embedded into the nucleus when the first chop is attempted and thus it fails. After, a better attempt is made to embed the phaco tip and the chop is successful.

Also remember that there is a brief window of time, usually just a second or two when phaco tip is embedded and the vacuum level is high, when the phaco chop will be most efficient and successful. After a few seconds, the high vacuum pressure will eat away at the nucleus and the vacuum level will drop and the holding will diminish.

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  1. These are really wonderful videos. Thank you for your commitment to advancing surgical education!
    Can you tell the brand/model of the utrata forceps and chopper you use? I would be interested in trying them out.

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