Ocular Albinism Cataract Surgery

ocular albinism

Ocular albinism poses a number of challenges for cataract surgery. The patient often has concomitant nystagmus, underlying amblyopia, macular issues, and a translucent iris which induces glare. We have previously featured a phaco surgery for a patient with this condition and good results were achieved. But perhaps we could do better by implanting a specialty IOL designed for aniridic patients. This lens has a central optic of about 3 mm which allows for a functional pupil aperture.

This is a case from Dr. M. S. Ravindra from Bangalore, India who performs an expert manual extraction SICS (Small Incision Cataract Surgery). The case goes quite smoothly and the surgeon is able to operate accurately even with nystagmus present.

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  1. soo wonderful excellent n fantastic beautiful surgery Sir looks like god given iris
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