Routine Flip-and-Chop Cataract Surgery

routine flip and chop

We have previously featured an instructional video for the Flip-and-Chop method of cataract surgery and there was a very strong response from our readers. We have had multiple requests to show more videos of this technique. It is a helpful technique to learn chopping techniques and it allows a buffer of safety because it brings the nucleus out of the capsular bag. Flip-and-Chop is also a very efficient technique for surgery and it allows us to complete a cataract surgery very quickly.

Again, the keys for Flip-and-Chop are:

  • you must have a sufficiently large capsulorhexis:
    • 5.0 mm for a soft nucleus
    • 5.5 mm for a medium density nucleus
    • 6.0 mm for a dense nucleus
  • the hydro-dissection should be slow and steady
    • do not use high force for fear of blowing out the posterior capsule
  • re-coat the corneal endothelium with dispersive viscoelastic after bringing the nucleus out of the capsular bag

Click below to watch the video of this technique of Flip-and-Chop:

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