Cataract Surgery in Marfan Syndrome

marfan syn masket

Patients with Marfan Syndrome have a congenital, progressive weakness in the zonular structures which support the crystalline lens. As such, these patients can have sunsetting or displacement of the crystalline lens out of the central visual axis which requires surgery for rehabilitation. However, cataract surgery is very challenging because of the poor zonular support. Special care must be taken in making the capsulorhexis and then with suture fixation of the IOL. In this video, guest surgeon Sam Masket MD takes us through his techniques and thought processes to solve the challenges and give his patient excellent vision.

Dr. Masket was one of my mentors during my surgical training and he attended me for cataract surgery cases 20 years ago at Olive View-UCLA Medical Center. Sam was instrumental in teaching me how to think critically, develop surgical judgment, and learn new techniques. And for that, I’ll be forever grateful. Take this opportunity to learn from Dr. Masket so that you can better serve your next patient with Marfan Syndrome.

Click below to learn how to approach cataract surgery in Marfan Syndrome:


Also keep in mind that patients with Marfan Syndrome can have very significant and life-threatening systemic issues, so a referral to a primary care physician is warranted.